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Szechuan pepper - The Epicentre Aleppo Pepper 2 oz -The Epicentre Smoked Black Pepper (ground) - The Epicentre
Szechuan pepper (whole)
From the Szechuan province of China; this mildly hot spice has a distinctive flavour and fragrance. Aka: fagara; sansho and Sichuan pepper.
Epicentre - Aleppo Pepper (ground)
These moderately hot red chilies from Turkey and Syria are the preferred capsicum for authentic Mediterranean flavour and fragrance.
Smoked Black Pepper (ground)
It's the new black! The deep; rich flavour of this pepper is created with real smoke over an oak and pecan fire. It is smooth and aromatic without the bitterness of regular ground pepper. A natural for the barbeque; it's extraordinary on grilled meats and veggies or use as a finishing pepper.
Black Pepper with Merquen - Etnia
Mondo Pepper - The Epicentre
Our Price: CDN$ 8.95
Black Pepper with Merquen
Our Price: CDN$ 10.95
A melange of the worlds most exotic and exceptional peppercorns; Sarawak black, Muntok white, Mysore green, Madagascarian pink, Jamaican pepper (Allspice), Szechuan pepper and rare cubebs from Java. A confetti of colour, aroma and a complexity of nuanced flavours, every table should have this as a standard provision.

Black Pepper with Merquen
Let yourself be charmed by this black pepper slightly mixed with merquén. Merquen (also spelled merken), is a traditional spice of the indigenous Mapuche people of Chile. The spice is a ground mixture of dried and smoked aji cacho de cabra (goat's horn red pepper), cumin, coriander seeds, and salt. Merquen is being embraced by many national and international chefs for use in New and exciting cuisines. Etnia's goal is to introduce this hidden gem of Chile to the world.