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Grillers Mystery Bag THE RUB Maple Granules
Grillers Mystery Bag
Our Price: CDN$ 29.95
The Rub - Gift Basket
Our Price: CDN$ 65.00
Grillers Mystery Bag,

The Rub - Gift Basket
- Containing
- Fire In The Kitchen Spice Co. One Rub (120g)
- Smoked Grilling Spices (100g) - Smoke
- Fire In The Kitchen Spice Co. Just Steak Rub (120g)
- Morrocan blend - The Epicentre
- The One and Only Gourmet Dry Rub
- Aluminum Dredge (spice shaker)
- Reuseable - Cranberry coloured pail - 6.75" x 5.25"

The Epicentre’s (Real organic) Maple Granules add a delicate hint of maple. Much easier to work with and less likely to burn than maple syrup. When rubbed onto meats or fish it creates a light glaze when cooked or grilled. Great sprinkled on Cedar Planked Salmon.

Try uncooked, as a condiment, sprinkled on vegetables, sweets, breakfast cereal, or ice cream. It’s crunchy texture will add a new dimension.

SMOKIN' Whisk Stainless Steel 7" Boxed Whisk Stainless Steel 7"
Our Price: CDN$ 52.95
Deal of the Day Price: CDN$ 49.95
You save CDN$ 3.00!
Whisk Stainless Steel 7"
Our Price: CDN$ 2.95
Smokin' Gift Basket Whisk Stainless Steel 7" Boxed Stainless steel whisk 7"
Great for blending spices, rubs, dips and marinades
Smoked Grilling Spices Smoked Garlic Backdraft Dip mix Aluminum spice shaker
Smoked Grilling Spices (100g)
Our Price: CDN$ 7.95
Smoked Grilling Spices

Dust over meat, fish or poultry before grilling. Mix with ground meat for a year round BBQ taste sensation. Sprinkle over tomato slices for a smoky grilled tomato flavour.

Smoked Garlic Backdraft Dip mix

Mixed with sour cream and mayo, Smoke’s Smoked Garlic Backdraft Dip Mix can be served with cut veggies, chips or as a smoky condiment to add an extra touch to grilled meat, seafood, tofu or shellfish.

Aluminum dredge (spice, rub or salt shaker), spice shaker, rub shaker,
Just Steak Rub One Rub The Spread
The Spread
Our Price: CDN$ 11.95

Fire In The Kitchen Just Steak Rub (120g)

Fire In The Kitchen One Rub (120g)

The Spread is gluten free, vegan, and delicious.
It is made with love in Toronto, Ontario, with just 7 all natural ingredients, Arbol & Guajillo peppers from Mexico, toasted sesame seeds, sesame oil, canola oil, apple cider vinegar, and salt. That's it!
The Spread is awesome! It’s a favourite on a hamburger hot off the grill. You can also slather it on eggs for breakfast, your sandwich at lunch or spice up your chicken at dinner.
The Spread is the one stop addition to any meal, either as a condiment or a cooking ingredient.

Did I say this one is awesome! A definite must try.

Check out The Spread’s recipe section for ideas on how to Spread it on everything.

Damien's Lima Zulu Hot sauce Damien's Hotel Oscar Tango Hot sauce Saltwest Sweet Smokey Maple Sea salt
Damien's Lima Zulu Hot sauce
Our Price: CDN$ 10.95
Damien's Lima Zulu Hot Sauce Damien’s HOTEL OSCAR TANGO hot sauce is a true "goes everywhere" habanero hot sauce. It has a touch of sweetness and lovely depth courtesy of the June plum - a close relative of the mango. It is the epitome of delicious-hot. Great on anything off the grill, eggs, pizza, and in sauces.

Saltwests sea salts are smoked in small batches using Maple hardwood. You won’t find anything better to complement Salmon. Use this as a rub on fish, chicken or pork. Use it to make a tasty balsamic smokey maple salad dressing. Add it to some sautéed mushrooms or onions for a great burger topper too!

Salted Carmel Chocolate Sea salt Montreal Meat and Poultry Spice Mix Vital Spice Coca Mole Spice Mix

Taste a sweet and salty sprinkle of heaven in every bite of Saltwests Salted Caramel Chocolate Sea Salt. You can indulge in the deep rich dark chocolate notes and natural caramel followed by the sweet kiss of their Raincoast Flaked Sea Salt. Add a spoonful to oatmeal, fresh strawberries with yogurt, specialty coffee rim trim or to garnish the top of whip cream. Not to mention, sprinkling onto ice cream, cheesecake, freshly baked cookies or brownies.

Montreal Meat and Poultry Spice Mix
Montreal smoked meat, although derived from pickling mixes used in Eastern Europe, is a dish that has become a Montréal original. The dish is credited for the creation of the Montréal steak spice, highlighting a mix of garlic, rosemary, and pepper. Discover the Vital Montreal Meat & Poultry spice mix, a deluxe version that remains true to its origins. It is delicious on any meat, poultry, tuna steaks or potatoes. Also works great on the rim of your favorite cocktail.

Vital Spice Pure BBQ Spice Mix
Vital Spice Pure BBQ Spice Mix Vital Portuguese Discovery Spice Mix Vital Tandoori Masala Spice Mix
Vital Spice Pure BBQ Spice Mix

Vital Portuguese Discovery Spice Mix is influenced by Portugal’s explorations in North Africa and India, this spice mix combines the refreshing, lemony or lime-like flavor of coriander, and the color, warmth, sweetness of paprika. This Spice mix pairs beautifully with poultry, seafood, fish and pork dishes.

Vital Spice Tandoori Masala encapsulates the elements of
the Tandoor tradition with this spice mix. The aromas of fresh ginger, sweet
cloves and smoky chili flow in harmony with butter chicken, grilled poultry,
vegetables, legume stews, curd cheeses, and crustaceans.

Vital Spice - Fish and Seafood Spice Mix No 7 Chile Pasilla Meow That's Hot Chesire Chipotle
No 7 Chile Pasilla Hot Sauce
Our Price: CDN$ 9.95

Add the taste of dill with Vital Spice’s Fish and Seafood Rub.

Widely used as herbs in Mediterranean and central Asian cuisine, the ultra fine leaves of dill are aromatic and essential to flavor many seafood plates from cured gravlax, to cooked salmon and trout. Just add in a touch of lemon zest, a pinch of sugar, and you have a combination succulent on not only seafood, but also on salads, poultry, and veal.

This blend was inspired by a childhood memory of a sauce named ‘Salsa Borracha” which means “Drunken Sauce” as it is made with Tequila.
Taking this idea, the Pasilla Pepper which is naturally sweet (Pasilla is also known as “little raisin”) and a request for a twist on BBQ Sauce, the folks at No7 decided to tone down the heat and give No 7 its first ever mild hot sauce!
The Pasilla pepper is only 1000 to 3999 on the Scoville Scale.

Ingredients: Pasilla peppers, tequila, onions, apple cider vinegar and water.

Sweet cherries and smoky chipotle peppers are the main ingredients in this sauce. If you like your hot sauce smoky, you'll love Cheshire Chipotle. Great for BBQ!
Meow That’s Hot - Fire Kitty Kozliks Steak Spice Rub Kozliks Dijon Classique
Kozliks Steak Spice Rub
Our Price: CDN$ 6.95
Meow That’s Hot - Fire Kitty Hot Sauce Kozliks Steak Spice Rub Kozliks Dijon Classique Mustard
Kozliks Amazing Maple Mustard Bear Claw - Honey Butt Spice Rub Roasted Garlic Sea salt
Kozliks Amazing Maple Mustard
Our Price: CDN$ 7.95
Amazing Maple Mustard from Kozliks

A lightly sweet and mildly herbal blend of spices, Bear Claw Honey Butt Spice Rub is one the whole den will enjoy. Use as a rub or seasoning on chicken, game hens, ribs, fish or pork.

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt Vancouver Island Salt Co.