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Indoor! GRILLING Steven Raichlen's BBQ USA - 425 Fiery Recipes from All Across America Planet BARBECUE! Steven Raichlen
Indoors It's the new outdoors SPIT-ROASTED PRIME RIBS, crusty on the outside, moist and tender inside. Yes! CHICKEN UNDER A BRICK, heady with smoke and spice. Yes! CURRY-GRILLED LAMB KEBABS, POTATOES ROASTED IN THE ASHES, BAYOU WINGS, VANILLA-GRILLED PINEAPPLE WITH DARK RUM GLAZE all of it infused with honest-to-goodness real-grilled flavor, and all of it cooked indoors. Yes! Bursting with bold new ideas, 270 righteous recipes, and hundreds of tips and techniques from how to season a cast-iron grill pan to buying brisket cut from the "flat" Raichlen's Indoor! Grilling brings the guru's mastery of live-fire cooking indoors. New every day's a good day to grill. Steven Raichlen's BBQ USA
Have Tongs, Will Travel Guided by the simple conviction that if something tastes good baked, fried, saut??ed, or steamed, a pit boss somewhere in this land has figured out how to make it even better over a live fire, Steven Raichlen logs tens of thousands of miles to take you on a tour of America's barbecuing Finger Lickin' or highfalutin', smoked, rubbed, mopped, or slathered, the 425 recipes in BBQ USA are where fire meets obsession, and the results are smoky perfection.
A live-fire tour of six continents, 60 countries, and 309 of the world s most authentic, explosively flavorful recipes ever, Planet Barbecue! covers it all: blazing grills, exotic seasonings, expert grill masters, renowned restaurants, cool fuels, tools, and techniques from around the world. Steven Raichlen goes deep to the source to discover the traditional way to grill or smoke, proving a universal truth: Everything beef, chicken, fish, shellfish, vegetables, kebabs, wings, ribs, even dessert tastes better hot off the grill.
Seven FIRES - Grilling the Argentine Way - Francis Mallmann and Peter Kaminsky
From first spark to leaping flame to last dying ember, grilling has a new frontier and Francis Mallmann is its trailblazer. He offers more than one hundred recipes, ranging from griddled mussels to a whole salmon that s salt-roasted to juicy perfection, from beautifully burnt tomatoes to crunchy smashed potatoes and lusciously charred oranges, from a butterflied leg of lamb that cooks in just minutes to if you can imagine a whole cow that roasts for fourteen hours! He also shares the secret to perfect steak every single time. Born in Patagonia, Mallmann grew up in the Andes, in a house where everything from the heating to the hot water to the kitchen stove was sustained by ever-burning fires. As a true prodigy, he trained in the greatest French kitchens and went on to become South America s most venerated chef. But at age forty he had an epiphany. He was, in his words, "tired of making fancy French food for wealthy customers in Buenos Aires." In an audacious move, he abandoned the fussy fine-dining scene to return to his roots and the language he describes in his mother tongue: fire. Mallmann calls his techniques the Seven Fires and all are represented in this book, with some extras thrown in for good measure. In glorious photographs, Mallmann illustrates technique after technique, from parrilla which is cooking on a grill to his boldest method, asador, in which a butterflied spring lamb or pig is fastened to an iron cross, where it cooks for hours in the glow of live coals. A TV star in South America, Mallmann is a showman who adores cooking for a crowd he s served presidents, princes, and celebrities as diverse as Madonna and Francis Ford Coppola. Seven Fires is filled with food that anyone can prepare with little equipment beyond a heat source whether it s wood, charcoal, or gas fire. Signature dishes include Smashed Patagonian Lamb with Lemon Confit and Herbs; Salt-Baked Striped Bass; Boneless Pork Chops with Honey Gremolata; and Whole Andean Pumpkin Salad with Mint, Arugula, and Goat Cheese as well as a surefire recipe for the perfect steak. And because we can t always cook outdoors year-round, indoor variations are given for nearly all the recipes. With evocative photos that showcase Mallmann s food and the exquisite beauty of his home turf, Seven Fires will thrill grillers ready to explore the magic of fire, fine food s next frontier.
Grilling Cookbooks